China has become the world's second largest consumer market and


With the continuous improvement of people s living standards, the pace of consumption upgrades is also accelerating, and various consumption hotspots such as digital, culture, tourism, and health are emerging one after another. In the next step, the Ministry of Commerce must adapt to the consumption situation and raise the level of traditional consumption. Wang Wentao said that home appliances, furniture, automobiles, and catering are the four kings of consumption, which will promote the transformation of automobile purchase management to use management, especially the expansion of the circulation of second-hand cars; encourage the recycling of home appliances and furniture in areas where conditions permit, and trade in old ones; Support the catering industry to innovate business models, improve service quality, and further expand catering consumption; do a good job in the inheritance and innovation of time-honored brands and brand consumption.

At the same time, we will speed up the cultivation of new types of consumption, build consumption upgrade platforms, and strive to make Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Tianjin and Chongqing into international consumption centers. At the same time, we will promote the transformation and upgrading of pedestrian streets with high quality, and develop characteristic business districts and characteristic neighborhoods.

Wang Wentao also revealed that in the next step, based on the prevention and control of the epidemic, the Ministry of Commerce will adopt a series of consumption promotion activities and consumption policy measures based on the characteristics of consumption to promote the  prosperity of the city with festivals, business with festivals, and gatherings with festivals. To better meet the needs of multi-level and diversified consumption, follow the trend to promote the improvement of consumption structure and energy level.

my country has reached 19 free trade agreements

Wang Shouwen, Vice Minister of Commerce and Deputy Representative of International Trade Negotiations, introduced at the press conference that so far, my country has reached 19 free trade agreements and signed free trade agreements with 26 countries and regions. In the future, opening up will be further expanded and more free trade agreements will be signed.

Wang Shouwen said that the signing of the free trade agreement has a significant effect on expanding my country s trade and investment relations with free trade partners and stabilizing my country s basic foreign trade and foreign investment. In 2012, free trade agreements accounted for only 12.3% of my country s foreign trade. By 2020, free trade agreement partners accounted for nearly 35% of my country's total foreign trade. Last year, the epidemic had a great impact on global foreign trade, but my country s trade volume with free trade agreement partners increased by 3.2%, and trade with non-free trade agreement partners only increased by 0.8%, so the free trade agreement’s role in foreign trade Is very significant.

In addition, the signing of the free trade agreement has further tightened the economic and trade relations between my country and its free trade partners, which has played a very good role in my country s opening up to the outside world.

Wang Shouwen said that in the next phase, the existing free trade agreements, including the Singapore Free Trade Agreement and the South Korean Free Trade Agreement, will be further upgraded. At the same time, speed up the pace of new free trade agreement negotiations, including the China-Japan-Korea free trade agreement negotiations, China and the GCC, and the free trade agreement negotiations with Israel and Norway, and are actively considering the work of joining the CPTPP.

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